Gantcho Boyadjiev
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    Gantcho Boyadjiev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1971, and since his early childhood has developed his passion for painting, which later evolved into a professional occupation. At the age of 10 he bagan taking part in courses and lessons aiming to improve his drawing skills and painting techniques, specializing in Oil-colour-painting on different materials, in particular on canvas. This later developed into his own original style. Until his full age he attended various workshops, artistic circles and painting competitions, winning a number of prizes.

     His first international experience was in Paris and Aix-en-provence (France), where he lived in 1990-1991. Studying at the institute for foreign students (Aix-en-Provence)  and learning from the “Paul Cezanne“ art festival, contributed a lot to form his artistic culture, art vision and style. Between 1991 and 2009 Gantcho Boyadjiev happened to travel a lot and had the possibility to visit different countries and to get in touch with enormously different cultures. Just to mention UK, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Poland, Chech Republic, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Thailand, etc. Staying for long periods of time in cities like London, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Paris, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Lugano, Zurich, Amsterdam, etc. Brougth to a lot of new artistic experiences, as well as to a lot of changes in his personal painting style.

   In 1995 Gantcho Boyadjiev moved to Italy and has been a permanent resident in Milan ever since. Mainly in Italy he developed his style and activity. For the last 15 years he has taken part in many art exhibitions, cultural events and art fairs. He has won a number of contests and prizes amoung which First Prize in 1997 and second prize in 1998 at the prestigious art contest “Citta di San Giuliano Milanese“ as well as the prize for “Original style“, together with a number of diplomas, cups and medals. He has had various cooperations with a number of art galleries in diferent Italian cities.

       In 2009 Unicredit - BulBank decided to inaugurate their brand new office for Eastern Europe in Sofia with Gantcho Boyadjiev´s first personal exhibition in Bulgaria. The exhibition remains open to public in the period 21 July - 30 September and has a large media coverage in the national newspapers and Bulgarian National TV. In the month of October 2009 Gantcho Boyadjiev inaugurated his second personal exhibition in “Gammallery“- one of the leading art galleries in Bulgaria, which at present represents him in the country.

     Gantcho´s style is characterized by a well chosen combination of symbols and colours that form an obsessive repetition of elements and details to fill up the entire space on the canvas. His approach to painting manages to melt together the classical base of oil colours with an innovative execution, that extends almost to the limit of the contemporary poster or even to the cartoons. The general impression of his paintings is usually enigmatic, evoking various interpretations and associations!

      Some of his oil- paintings and painted objects are now part of private collections in Rome, Milan, Florence, London, Amsterdam, Sofia, New York and Los Angeles.


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